Channel Acquisition & Incentives Solutions


Organizations with root-to-market via channels depend largely on their partners to do the selling, delivery of great customer experience and best-in-class support. However, workings with channel partners bring many challenges, such as...

  • Building relationships based on trust and openness
  • Build partnership credentials
  • Delivering the right messages that show empathy with the needs and challenges of the channel
  • Driving performance and engagement
Channel Acquisition and Recruitment

Channel Research

We work behind the scene to develop and/or realign your channel strategy,

  • Inquest: Monitor existing program performance, benchmark against competitors, communication effectiveness. Channel relationship benchmarking.
  • Custom Research: Customised insight into your channel strategy. You have a problem we help you find the solution
  • Partner Profiling: Who are your channel partners, which brands are they selling? What is their turnover? What is your wallet share? All this will be answered through our partner profiling service.

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How to Engage the Channel

Channel Data Analytics & Reporting

With global data generation per minute (global size). It is getting difficult for managers to get actionable data for decision making. We help streamline your data which significantly improves your speed of decision making.

  • Segmentation: Identify and segment your indirect channel. We help you develop your segmented channel strategy.
  • Insight: Using meaningful insights from your sales & marketing data we help you convert them into actionable dashboard reporting.

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Channel Management

Channel Programs

Grass Roots offers a comprehensive range of products and services that help organisations build and deploy strong channel centric strategies, aimed at improving engagement with their reseller, intermediary or dealer networks

  • Channel promotion / schemes:From simple offer programmes, to more sophisticated lifecycle-linked points accumulation reward and incentive programmes, we help clients develop a partnership ethos, build loyalty and affinity with the brand, and drive sales out. Typically these programmes are based around engaging partner portals through which channel participants can access product knowledge, offers and exclusives and rewards for their loyalty and sales performance.
  • Channel loyalty: We help organisations create compelling and implementable strategies that engage with channel partners to build trust, loyalty, and community – and ultimately drive sales. From benchmarking to delivery, we help our clients to bring their channel strategy to life, through structured design, development and deployment.
  • Payment management:Vendors often have difficulty figuring out how to quickly and accurately pay partners. Our solution can improve your payout efficiency
  • Rewards:Offer a wide breadth and depth of redemption options, including unique experiences, e-catalogue, vouchers, endless merchandise selections and more

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Channel Management

Channel Technology

With over 32 years experience in managing multiple channel programs we have developed core platform to support rigorous demand of channel engagement programs.

  • Incentive Platform – A technology platform for running channel incentive programs
  • Lead Management – Leads transparency with smart logic for correct forwarding.
  • Deal Registration – Know deals your indirect channel is working on and support them to close the deal
  • Sales Tracking – Our customized sales tracking solution will help you keep track of how your product is moving through channel.
  • Learning & Certification – We can help you launch partner learning and certification programs.

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Channel Management

Channel Communication

A good relationship is based on a sound communication strategy. We help you improve your channel communication strategy.

  • Lifecycle – Are you sending the right message at right time to your channel partners?
  • Unification – Mired with multiple programs running independently. We can help you create a unified communication strategy to drive channel engagement.
  • Program Support – Running a program with lower than expected performance. We can help you increase engagement level

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